Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Link Building In Today's Climate

Link building is an important process and does not happen over night. Although some short cuts are available to generate high quantities of links, they may not be worth your time. Google comes down severely on sites that are built on inorganic SEO and owners of these websites can get themselves banned for such unnatural link building.

Google Penguin update was meant to demote sites which draw their backlinks from low quality sites and especially those sites with backlinks that look unnatural to Google. Many webmasters, having known that backlinks have a direct impact on search engines page ranking, have embarked on all sorts of link building SEO.

For your webpage to become popular online, you should generate backlinks or links from other sites that link to you. This is no longer the job of a webmaster, but it is important to point this out. There are many ways to continuously generate backlinks. Article marketing, social media marketing, blogging, and social bookmarking are some of the tactics.

Guest posting is still one of the best ways to build relevant links. This approach gives you authority and the opportunity to have your content displayed on high traffic blogs . Choose reliable blogs to guest post so that you maximize your link building efforts.

It is imperative to know exactly what you intend to achieve when engaging in link building. You need to discover which products are linked closely to your own. When you realize these related concepts, you will know exactly where to look and provide links to increase traffic to your website. More relevant the link, the more you will benefit. To simplify, if you are selling flowers, you can set aside market segments that will get you results like exclusive hotels, gift shops, hospital websites and others which use flowers on a daily basis.

Link building can be a tedious, labor intensive process. However, it is critical to the success of any website. Google has not made this process any easier with their punitive and strict new standards. It will take time, research, persistence and patience to build quality backlinks but it must be done to guarantee your site's success. 

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